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Celebrating National Lorry Week

The 23rd to the 29th of October is the National Lorry Week. A Road Haulage Association (RHA) initiative, and now in its ninth year, National Lorry Week is all about celebrating the UK’s road transport industry. 

Looking into the Future

This year’s campaign ‘Looking into the Future’ focuses on how the industry is constantly evolving, and exploring new technologies and more sustainable practices. The RHA says, “Over the past year, we’ve witnessed incredible advancements in technology, sustainability and safety across the road transport industry. Now, it’s time to showcase these achievements and challenge perceptions like never before.”

The efficiency and success of the logistics industry are often overlooked, despite the fact that 85% of all goods bought in the UK are transported by lorry and this is one of the things the RHA is working to address. This year's campaign includes a four week UK-wide road show throughout October, with visits scheduled with RHA members, industry partners, colleges and Government offices. Their aim is to highlight the significance of the road transport industry and shine a light on some of the incredible people that ‘keep our nation rolling’.

They say, “It’s not just about transporting goods, it’s about inspiring the next generation. This year, we’re committed to promoting road safety among primary school children, and showcasing the role that lorries play in our daily lives.

“We believe in nurturing future talent and educating young people about the diverse and rewarding careers available in the industry. From green roles that lead us towards sustainability, to technical positions that embrace the latest advancements – the road transport sector offers limitless opportunities.”

Supporting National Lorry Week

As a key service provider to drivers working in the transport industry Onroute Truckstops is keen to play its part in supporting National Lorry Week. We are offering drivers the opportunity to win a £100 voucher. by sharing a picture of their lorry with us.  

To take part just go to one of the Onroute Truckstops Facebook pages and share your photo. The winner will be selected and details announced on Tuesday 31st.

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