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  • Single wash bay at J.29
  • Double wash bay at Avon Lodge
  • Fully trained operatives
  • Hot cabinet pressure washers
  • Hand finishing available 
  • Tankwash at Avon Lodge 
  • Pay by credit card and fuel card or snap


Use our industrial drive-through truckwash to get your truck super clean and ready for the next stage of your journey. 

outstanding cleaning

Hot cabinet pressure washers, with a 3 brush rollover wash system, delivers outstanding truck cleaning. We can also offer a hand finish on the cab, wheels and chassis using an ISO9002 standard traffic film remover.  A range of quality cleaning products and accessories are also available to purchase in our shops. 

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High pressure
High pressure industrial washers

3 brush rollover  facility icon

3 brush rollover
Automated wash system delivers excellent cleaning

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Trained operators
Ensuring high standards of service

Excellent.Parking gets busy at night.Truck wash, one of the best in uk.Excellent service.Snap account accepted. 

Ian Porter 
Onroute Customer

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