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Drivers, we’ve heard you! Onroute Truckstops goes back to cash 

Back in April this year Onroute Truckstops went cashless. The main reason for doing this was to help reduce our ever-increasing running costs in order to deliver the best possible value for drivers.  

We know that the vast majority of our customers carry cards for fuel, parking and other ‘on road’ costs. But, while most of you have had no problem with using a card or phone to pay for food, drinks and other items, feedback was clear: being cashless did not work for everyone.   

Here for the drivers  

We are here for you, the drivers, and our aim is to make your lives easier and more comfortable. Following some very constructive criticism about our decision to go cashless, we have taken the decision to again accept cash payments at all our truck stops. Cashless payments are still our preferred payment method, but if you do want to pay by cash you can.

We want to reassure you that we will always listen to what you say and, wherever possible, do our very best to meet your needs.

Listening, and responding to what our customers say 

General Manager for Onroute Truckstops, David Hatherell said; "We go out of our way to get good feedback from our customers and use this to help direct and prioritise our efforts to meet the needs of today’s goods vehicle drivers. Our dedicated staff go out of their way to provide a warm welcome, good home-cooked food, clean facilities and somewhere safe to park at sensible prices. We recognise that being cashless caused a problem for some of you and hope that our decision to go back to accepting cash demonstrates that we are genuinely on your side."

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