A chop for charity - donating hair to the Little Princess Trust

Anyone who knows Julie Denton, the Chef at our Ulceby Truckstop, will know she had lovely, long hair.

Julie had been growing her hair for 9 years, now she has had it cut off to donate it to The Little Princess Trust - a charity that makes wigs for children and young people who have lost their hair due to cancer or other conditions. The minimum length of hair they are accepting is 12 inches, Julie's cut hair measured 15 inches!

A great wig makes a big difference  

When a young person is already struggling with the emotional strain of a serious illness such as cancer, losing their hair can be devastating. Julie has lost several members of her family to cancer, so when she heard about The Little Princess Trust it struck a chord and she decided to donate her beautiful locks. 

The cut hair that people donate is used to make wigs which are provided free of charge to children and young people. Having a beautiful, natural looking wig can really help make them feel better about their appearance which gives them a boost. 

The Princess Trust currently supplies over 100 wigs to children and young people every month. It costs the charity a minimum of £550 to create and provide a bespoke real-hair wig and these are provided free-of-charge to recipients, so as well as hair donations, financial donations are appreciated.  

Julie's cut hair will be used to create a beautiful, natural looking wig for one of their recipients. When you next visit, remember to congratulate Julie for her donation, and tell her how great she looks with her new shorter hair cut! 

If you would like to donate here is a link to Julie's Justgiving fundraising page. 



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