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Onroute Truckstops is pleased to announce that Renewable Diesel (HVO) is now available at Avon Lodge, in Avonmouth.

We started supplying Renewable Diesel at our other three Truckstops (Junction 29 in Chesterfield, Ulceby next to Immingham and Swindon) in 2023 and it has been great to see drivers filling up with HVO at these sites. We are delighted to now be able to offer customers this greener fuel alternative at Avon Lodge as well.

Transitioning to greener fuels 

A wholly owned subsidiary of Mabanaft Limited, Onroute Truckstops is keen to play its part in the transition to cleaner, more sustainable fuels. Renewable Diesel (HVO) is made from 100% renewable and sustainable feedstocks and can achieve savings of up to 90% on greenhouse gas emissions; supplying it at our truck stops is an important step in the journey. 

HVO a great alternative 

Renewable Diesel (HVO) can be used in place of conventional diesel without having to make any engine modifications. Many vehicle manufacturers have approved its usage in their engines* making it a very good starting point for hauliers looking to move away from fossil fuels to reduce their carbon footprint.

For more information about HVO Download FAQs.

* HVO is chemically similar to conventional fossil diesel BS EN 590 Diesel, meets BS EN 15940 and is approved by a wide range of vehicle manufacturers. Please check this for your vehicle, and if you are uncertain, please consult your vehicle manufacturer.

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